Part I: Champagne Glasses

By: Ella Gibbons

A girl and boy clink champagne

In tiny, clear flutes

The girl wants hers to be fuller

He wants his to emptier

She drinks

He sips

She drinks more

He does not

She finishes his

And crowns the bottle

Part II: Too Much Champagne

He grabs her hand

She can’t feel her skin or his

She interlocks their fingers

Her head is spinning

The champagne is a puddle in her stomach

She despises how her knees feel weak

She is drunker than she had been in a long time

She doesn’t want him to see her like this

As her past self

She’s drunk

He is not

He guides her away

Part III: Champagne Aftermath

Only two glasses

Next time

He said

She simpered

But listened